Grandma Bear 🐻
Hi everyone 
My name is Michelle or Chelle but seem to go to the name of grandma bear. A very important title too. I don’t work due to different health reasons.I don’t think I’ll bore you with list of ailments as it is rather long, but needless to say I go another day, getting old gradually not so sure if gracefully could be put in that sentence or not ? 

Im 57 for another few days yet, gosh how the hell did I get to this age ? Seems like only yesterday I was in the Tuc shop at school eating Chelsea whoppers out a 10p mixture 😋

Life had not always been kind to myself by no fault of my own i May add, but certain circumstances and situations.
Oh how I miss my heroine my dear late mum.My mum was the kindest, caring and most liveable human being I’d ever met and I’m so proud of the perfect beautiful mama that she was.Always. 

I had many envious friends but they would treat mum like a second mum, so to speak.One very courageous and deeply caring person, not selfish, nor unkind, would help anyone who needed.You’ll May start to understand more about her through my poetry & writings.

Im by no means a great poet or writer and my grammar is awful but I’ve been writing on and off since age 10, it was a form of escapism from some horrible frightening things that I went through.

I live in a lovely little harbour town in Scotland but was born in Edinburgh. Scotland is such a magical place to live and visit, so I’m truly blessed and understand how very luck I am. 

I hope to meet and make some nice new friends, you can certainly never have too many friends can you ?

Love & Hugs 
Michelle (aka) grandma bear 🐻